Our Junior competition afternoons are back giving our junior players the chance to put into practice all that they have been learning in their lessons and squads.

The format will be similar to our holiday camp tournament day, where we match kids up of similar ability to play short sets or tiebreak scoring matches, depending on time.

When waiting for matches, we have enough space at our Barn Elms location that any kids that aren’t participating in matches can play practice games while they wait, which coaches will help organise / encourage.

The emphasis is fun and participation, helping children to become familiar with the concept of competitive tennis. Each week we will have awards based on milestones achieved i.e. number of matches completed during the course of the season (completed 10 matches, 20 matches, 30 matches).

Any parents willing volunteer to help organise or with scoring on any of the match days, please get in touch via email in advance – it would be much appreciated and will help with the competition afternoons running smoothly.

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