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/Barn Elms Drop In Tennis Schedule
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Please Note: Online bookings for Adult Drop In Sessions will now be made using the new British Tennis (LTA) ClubSpark booking system. Select the session you would like to attend below and you will be directed to the associated ClubSpark booking page. Registration to the ClubSpark system is required when making your first booking. If you are a member of British Tennis then you can also use your British Tennis login details to access the ClubSpark booking system.


Intermediate Level and above:
To keep a more consistent playing level on this Saturday Drill and Social Tennis session, players should be of Intermediate level and above.
Participation according to playing level is at the discretion of the coach. 

Barn Elms
Drills + Social Matchplay
£13 / Week
1-4pm, 03/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 10/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 17/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 24/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 31/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 07/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 14/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 21/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 28/09/19 Book Now
Barn Elms
Social Matchplay Only
£8 / Week
2-4pm, 03/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 10/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 17/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 24/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 31/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 07/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 14/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 21/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 28/09/19 Book Now


Barn Elms
Drills + Social Matchplay
£13 / Week
1-4pm, 04/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 11/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 18/08/19 Cancelled
1-4pm, 25/08/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 01/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 08/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 15/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 22/09/19 Book Now
1-4pm, 29/09/19 Book Now
Barn Elms
Social Matchplay Only
£8 / Week
2-4pm, 04/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 11/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 18/08/19 Cancelled
2-4pm, 25/08/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 01/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 08/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 15/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 22/09/19 Book Now
2-4pm, 29/09/19 Book Now