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Our Adult Tennis Programs are available for Beginner, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced Level Players. If you want to learn to play tennis, join a fun social matchplay group or compete at a high level we have something for you. Just look through the tennis courses available at any of our locations and you can book your place online with us today.
Our Beginner classes provide a way for adults to learn the basic skills of the game in a welcoming, dynamic and fun environment.Players who have completed the beginner course and feel ready for more advanced coaching can move into the improver course. The LifeTime play and learn philosophy aims to get players into game play scenarios right from day one while also learning basic technique.
If you know the basics but want to take your game to the next level by learning more advanced techniques and tactics, this is the right class.Players who have completed the beginner course and feel ready for more advanced coaching can move into the Improver Level courses.
This course is designed for all those players that are ready to progress from the Improver Level course. If you now have a good foundation of the basic technique and are using the correct grips then this course is right for you. If you are new to our classes but have mastered the basics then this course will take your game to the next level.
These sessions are for high level players that are wanting to train and compete with players in an intense but fun environment. Players work on advanced technique, spins and tactical playing patterns. We also offer players at this level the chance to join our Club team for inter-club and league matches. Please note – These session are for players that play and compete regularly at a relatively high pace with CONSISTENCY!
Come and join our great group of players for a fun tennis workout in Barn Elms and Brockwell Park. This is for Improver to Advanced level players. 1 hour of drills and coaching followed by social matchplay.
We have a great range of competitive tennis opportunities for Adults to take part in.
In Clapham we run a weekly Improver/Intermediate Doubles League on Saturdays.
Across Putney and Barnes we run Singles Tennis Leagues over a 2 month period.
We also have Men and Women LTA Tennis Teams that participate in LTA Aegon County Leagues.

Clapham 7-8pm Improvers
Clapham 8-9:30pm Advanced

Southfields 7-8pm Improvers
Southfields 8-9pm Improvers

Southfields 7-8pm Beginners
Southfields 8-9:30pm Intermediate / Advanced
Clapham 7-8pm Beginners
Clapham 8-9:30pm Intermediate

Clapham 7-8pm Beginners / Improvers
Clapham 8-9pm Intermediate
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