Holiday Camp Timetable & Bookings

What happens at our Holiday Camps

Our junior holiday camps are a great way for kids to learn tennis. Our qualified coaches create an encouraging and dynamic environment to ensure a fun-filled holiday activity for your children.

The emphasis at our tennis camps is on participation, teamwork and most important of all – FUN!

Your children will come away from a week at tennis happy with their improved tennis game and with many new friends.


Each day a specific tennis shot is coached in detail so that by the end of camp kids come away having improved every part of their game.

Day 1: Forehand
Day 2: Backhand
Day 3: Volleys and Smashes
Day 4: Revision of Strokes Covered Serve and Return
Day 5: Tournament & Gameplay where we put it all into practice!


Phase 1: Warm-Up, Footwork, Co-Ordination and Ball and Racket Skills Activities
Phase 2: Progressive Technical Instruction on the Stroke/s of the Day
Phase 3: Dynamic Drills involving stroke of the day and combining with other strokes
Phase 4: Serving Practice
Phase 5: Game, Competition, or Match Play Phase
Phase 6: Fun Group Game

A fun day of games, competitions and matchplay (for the older children) where everyone has the chance to put into practice everything they have learnt over the entire week. We have prizes, medals, and trophies for best skills ‘trick’, best sportsmanship award, player of the day, tournament winner etc.