Junior Club Programs

All our Community Clubs run comprehensive Junior Tennis Programs that cater for complete beginners through to experienced tournament players. We create fun learning environments and help kids develop along our player development pathway, encouraging each player to start competing in fun matchplays and tournaments as they improve.Talented juniors are given the chance to play in our subsidised performance program and can play for their club team in internal leagues and external LTA competitions.
Young Mini Red players are at a stage where the ABC FUNdamentals of tennis are highlighted. These are Agility, Balance and Coordination. By combining these elements with our games based approach, our program maintains kids attention while learning and having loads of fun.
Mini Red players are at the stage where they are ready to learn how to rally, serve, volley and score. Helping kids to create basic swing shapes which give the greatest chance at starting to rally is the overall goal for this age group. Fun competitions and games are introduced so that kids can get the idea of playing mini-matches in a modified environment that simulates the actual game.
Orange Ball players are at the stage where they are starting to use larger 3/4 size courts and smaller, harder balls. Developing sound technique is highlighted at this age to give players the tools necessary to achieve consistent rallies on these bigger courts. Although traditionally in tennis there is a large drop out rate as kids transition to larger courts at Orange level, this age group has the highest of any at Lifetime Tennis. This is a result of having placed a strong emphasis on creating fun, games based activities that allow players to progress toward playing modified ‘Orange’ matches as soon as possible.
Green and Yellow Ball players are ready to use full sized tennis courts. If players are new to tennis they can still use easier to play with Green Balls and will gradually progress to the Yellow ball as they gain more experience. We provide a fun social environment with the goal being to progress to matchplay level and beyond as quickly as possible. We feel its important to actively encourage kids to have the confidence to play outside of lessons and provide plenty of organised game and matchplay opportunities for our junior members. On offer are internal leagues and inter club matches as well as our regular weekend club rating tournaments for those of matchplay standard.
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